Direct Tax:
Compliance with the government laws requires in depth knowledge of various tax laws. Direct Tax consultancy and planning with efficient tax strategies, provided by us form an integral part of viable business decisions. We adopt a “result oriented approach” which is flexible and emphasizes delivery and value. The tax services offered by us include but are not limited to:

Tax Planning , Return Preparation & Consultancy:

  • Individuals.
  • HUF.
  • Corporations
  • Partnerships/LLP’S.
  • Corporates.
  • Representation before the Higher/Appellate Authorities.
  • Succession and Gift Planning.
  • Preparation and filing of Income Tax Return.
  • Tax implications and planning that are possible to implement before year end.
  • Planning related to Wealth Tax and Filing of Wealth Tax Return.

Indirect Tax:


Service Tax is a central tax, which has been imposed on certain services and is the latest addition to the genus of indirect taxes like customs and central excise duty. India, a developing country, was somewhat slow in discovering the potential of this kind of indirect taxation for enhancement of revenue collection and it was the Finance Act 1994 that first introduced the service tax provisions through its Chapter V. Service Tax is collected by Central Excise Department.

Some of our services include:

  • Compiling and calculating the net service tax on output services after taking the benefit of Cenvat Credits.
  • Compiling the data for Cenvat Credits for service tax.
  • Preparing and filing Service Tax returns.
  • Advising regarding the issues relating to service tax.
  • Tax planning as regards to the minimization of Service Tax liability
  • Consultancy on the maintenance of prescribed records.


Value Added Tax (VAT) is a tax on value addition and a multi point tax, which is levied at every stage of sale. It is collected at the stage of manufacture/resale and contemplates rebating of tax paid on inputs and purchases.

Some of our VAT related services include:

  • Rendering assistance in registration under VAT
  • Assistance in claiming input tax credit.
  • Assistance in furnishing tax returns and claiming refunds.
  • Consultancy and Advise on legal aspects of VAT.
  • Rendering advice on the wide range of issues in relation to tax invoices and retail invoices.
  • Internal Audit and Compliance reviews.
  • Helping with audit of accounts necessary for a registered dealer.


Excise Duty is charged on goods produced within the country (as opposed to customs duties, charged on goods from outside the country). It is a tax on the production or sale of excisable goods. This tax is now known as the Central Value Added Tax (CENVAT). Every      person who manufactures, produces, carries on trade,holds warehouses for excisable goods shall have to obtain registration under the excise laws.

No excisable goods may be removed from the factory or a warehouse except under an invoice signed by the owner of the factory or   his authorized agent.

The services provided with regards to excise include but are not limited to: 

  • Rendering assistance in registration under Central Excise Act.
  • Assistance in furnishing excise returns and claiming refunds.
  • Consultancy and Advise on legal aspects of excise and Cenvat Credits.
  • Tax planning as regards to the minimization of Excise liability
  • Representation before Higher/Appellate Authorities.
  • Consultancy on the maintenance of records.

Company Law Matters:

The following services are available to the Indian as well as Indian Overseas Clients on the Company Law Matters:

  • To act as a Statutory Auditors under the Companies Act, 1956.
  • To incorporate the New Company under the Companies Act,1956.
  • To prepare the minutes of the company of the meetings of the Board as well as General Meetings.
  • To prepare and  file documents of all types with the Registrar of Companies in India.
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